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Oodi Helsinki Central Library

[credits: Photo courtesy of UniFor]


Oodi, the new Central Library in Helsinki, was called "the Nation's birthday present to its citizens". Designed by the ALA_Architects studio, it was opened on December 5th, 2018, the eve of Finland's Independence Day. The building is spread over 3 floors and a different atmosphere has been designed for each one. The "Book Paradise", as it has been defined, is located on the top floor of the building. The indoor is marked by the well-ordered arrangement of the modular libraries provided by UniFor, which design and organize the different functional areas of the library.

The CF bookcase (design Dante Bonuccelli) consists of hooked aluminum shelves and uprights fixed to a steel sheet base. The bookcases are white and made in different versions, for over 350 elements; they are modular with double facing and customized with special equipment and accessories designed to meet the specific needs of the project based on the integration of a linear LED lighting system and the related wiring inside the shelf structure. For lighting, Unifor relies on the knowledge of beblaze by cooperating to insert light into the over 350 CF Library modules; the challenge is to create a discreet but functional effect.
The experience of beblaze and its products with high light quality allow to complete in an almost imperceptible way the natural lighting coming from outside during the summer season (with almost round-the-clock sunlight), while, during the long dark winter, the lighting is integrated with the rest of the environment.