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Museo MEG di Ginevra

[credits: Photo courtesy of UniFor]


The “Musée d'Ethnographie de Genève” is in a building that stands out from the surrounding urban context for its sloping facades, covered with sheet metal, and for the large rhomboidal windows. Here there is one of the largest collections on the artistic and cultural traditions of Switzerland.

The building is spread over three floors, the library is located in the highest part and has got a well-ordered layout due to a modular library system created by Unifor. On the bookcases, beblaze installs its customized linear LED products that integrate perfectly with the shelves. The light coming from the bookcases has a key role and must perfectly integrate with the lighting coming from the large windows.

Moderation, lightness of form and refined spatial qualities create a comfortable environment, ideal for reading. The light on the shelves once again highlights the ability of beblaze to develop technical solutions by paying attention to the positioning of its products and their integration into complex structures according to the specific design, with stunning lighting results.