Astrazeneca Londra

[credits: Photo courtesy of UniFor]


The London headquarters of AstraZeneca, an important international pharmaceutical company, is spread over four floors of the new Two Kingdom Street building, in the Paddington neighbourhood. The architectural choices that identify the elegant building are: rigour, formal simplicity, transparency, distribution flexibility. These characteristics are also reflected in the interior design created by Unifor, a worldwide company for office furniture.
The organization scheme of the activities supports the perimeter development of the building, fully enhancing the transparent envelope that surrounds the building and making the most of natural light. In the central part of each floor are the executive offices, meeting rooms and meeting areas. The workstations are neatly aligned with the windows of the facade. The two areas are separated by transparent walls partially shielded thanks to RGB light. Beblaze contributed to this Unifor project by proposing the lighting solution for the glass walls.

Beblaze integrates RGB LED bars into the aluminum structure of the windows and lays, above, the PMMA panels with laser tracing.
The RGB LED bars are thus able to visually shield the walls and their light creates a remarkable scenic effect. It is one of the first installations to use RGB technology which, combined with the colour light control, allows to give the environment each time a different visual effect. The main challenge of this installation was represented by the integration of a small size product into the aluminum profiles.