Armani AX Barcellona

Armani chooses beblaze as partner to illuminate the facades of the new Armani AX in Barcelona at the shopping centre Glòries. The building was built 1995 and recently renewed in an innovative and technological district. It is in fact considered one of the first shopping centres with a close interaction between closed and open spaces. Armani opens its store in one of the corners of the building to underline its own brand, which has always marked the fashion world.

The request is for the backlight of the U-Glass structure designed facades through uniform light, with the possibility of changing power and colour temperature by matching the indoor lighting.

This results in a great visual effect thanks to the light brightness and uniformity. During the design phase, beblaze technicians reproduced the facade through a lighting study and samples to make sure that the final effect matches the customer's requests.

There has been a very close collaboration with the designers even on the choice of materials. Due to the limited spaces, beblaze technicians developed customized supports to adjust the fixtures by giving light the right direction. The need to get uniform light on the facade by matching the indoor lighting also explains the choice of dynamic white. 

The fixtures were designed with different sizes, the length of each power cable was calculated as well as the positioning of the power supplies and the control units.

All this helped to optimize the installation phases, prevent voltage drop and control the brightness and the colour temperature. The lighting fixtures were placed both in the lower part and in the upper part of the U-glass structure, hidden by the supporting frame of the glass so that the light source is absolutely not to see.

This goal was achieved by using the ILL_CIRCLE LARGE 2 profile in dynamic white version, a linear fixture with small size but very high power of Nichia LEDs. Special lenses together with customized supports to adjust the fixtures, allow to tighten the light beam and reach very high heights.