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Konica Minolta

Konika Minolta is a leader company for technology and innovation printing. In 2018 the company decides to renew his headquarters in Viale Certosa in Milan, entrusting Beblaze with the task of creating a lighting system with imposing dimensions reflecting the company's DNA. Thanks to his experience, Beblaze manages to develop a lighting system consisting of large hexagons with some bright sides, suspended in mid-air in the main entrance of the headquarters.

This installation has got both functional and visual elements. The connection among all the single elements was the real challenge of this project and the solution has been represented by a modular system with easy assembly operations, despite its size and thanks to special connection joints.

To create the sides of the hexagons, ILL_SQUARE_LARGE was used because its size allowed to give importance to the whole installation and to get, at the same time, a high efficiency in terms of quantity of light with a power of 40W / m.