Residential & Hospitality


Palazzo Lukic

A few steps from the Lugano lakefront, Beblaze designs the lighting of a new residential building, with large windows, marked outlines and geometric shapes. Beblaze's new lighting project focuses on enhancing the architecture of the building by emphasizing its lines and angles.


Bableze’s knowledge in the world of LED lighting and the versatility of its products allowed to completely fulfil all designer's requests. The first goal was successfully achieved, using light with a non-functional but visual purpose, enhancing the building with lines of light that discreetly highlight the geometric shapes. ILL_SQUARE SMALL IP65 was selected for the facade, a minimal lighting fixture able to underline the structure elements through fine and well-defined light beams that seem to dress the building.

ILL_SQUARE SMALL has a very low profile thickness which combined with the Nichia LEDs with an opening angle of 180 ° creates a lighting fixture performing a perfect uniform lighting without any spotting effect. The product ILL_SQUARE SMALL 1 - outdoor version IP65 - allows to completely isolate the light source from atmospheric agents and therefore to be integrated into the facades of buildings, even those most exposed to bad weather.