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Hotel Sporting

Hotel Sporting was built in 1980 on the mountain pass Tonale and originates from a three brothers’ dream belonging to the Delpero family. A 40-year history and still today passion, firmness and union are the cornerstone of this hotel facility. In 2018, the project for the renovation of some premises and the expansion of the hotel facility began to meet the needs of families and young people who want to have fun. In a short time, an indoor water park and a ski bar directly on the ski slopes were built. The Delpero family aims at impressing its guests.

To realize and carry on this tradition and innovation dream, Beblaze is chosen for the design and supply of the entire lighting. The water park is the first of the two new spaces to be finished. For this environment, Beblaze designs an individual lighting by using the shapes and the theme of the game. The luminaires of the BE_BRIGHT family are thus chosen, especially the CIRCLE family. To increase the rhythm, different diameters are used (from 10cm to 40cm) and they create a nice suspended composition. The circular shape makes the water park a playful and modern space; the product BE_BRIGHT is characterized by a very high IP degree, even on the standard version, becoming suitable to multiple applications.

Gazana Barè is the name of the new ski-bar located directly at the ski slopes at “Passo del Tonale”.

A unique layout: a hexagonal structure entirely made of wood with large exposed wooden beams. Several environments and functional spaces, but each one has got specific features. Beblaze finds out the common thread to illuminate the space of the Gazana Bar by turning it into a unique experience. General lighting is made with suspension spotlights PLED 5020 which belong to PROLUX collection and are very similar to the luminaires PLED 4273 (from the same product collection) installed above the bar. Simple and circle lines integrate perfectly with the sinuous shapes of the exposed wooden beams. In contrast to the spotlights on the ceiling, RGBW round spotlights are embedded in the floor to colour and liven up the evening parties. In the central bar area, between the wooden beams, very special lighting fixtures are installed: ILL_RECTANGLE LARGE RGB + W with 30 ° angle of light emission which, through DMX system, animates the room with unique settings, following the rhythm of music.

A real disco on the ski slopes. Behind the glass windows of the bar there is a wooden spiral staircase; each step hides in the lower part a very thin and elegant line of light: it is ILL_SQUARE SMALL 02. This profile is suitable for installations where a high IP degree is requested, and it is very resistant to impacts; its section 12x12mm can be easily hidden between the steps.

Up the staircase, into the private area. The exposed beams, the large glass windows and the panorama on the ski slopes make the room even more relaxing. Here the choice is for a very soft lighting exalting relax and the surrounding nature. The lighting fixtures are hidden behind the beams of this unique structure. Not only relax and fun, the Gazana Bar is a place where sportsmen and sport fans can also eat. Inside, there are three dining rooms and a self-service with open kitchen. Here the lighting is much more technical and completely different. A classic installation lights up the self-service area, while more artistic and creative lighting solutions have been chosen for the dining rooms.

Both installations use the suspended ILL_RECTANGLE LARGE: a versatile profile, available in both single and double emission version. The designer’s choice to illuminate the water park with BE_BRIGHT products is right for this type of installation not only visually, but also from a technical point of view; in addition to the high quantity of light required for this installation and reached thanks to Nichia LEDs, the typical CRI of 95 and the perfect uniformity of light, these fixtures also have a high IP degree, even in the standard version.


Both spotlights from PROLUX collection (PLED 5020 and PLED 4273) are characterized by a very simple and similar cylinder shape. The only visual difference is the application: the former is designed for suspended applications, while the latter for ceiling mounting.

All PROLUX products are designed with top quality materials, both in terms of mechanics and electronics, paying attention to details, which make the difference in the world of spotlights.

All the linear fixtures included in this project are from the ILLINE collection; especially ILL_SQUARE SMALL 02 is a minimal product, its structure is entirely made of opal polycarbonate, its section is reduced to 12x12mm becoming suitable for not flashy applications, both with light on and off, also available with high IP degree. For the rest of the rooms ILL_RECTANGLE LARGE is used in single and double emission version. The former has been installed suspended in the self-service area. A linear and elegant product, with a small size which allows not to hide the other details of the room. It is available up to a length of 3m (both wall / ceiling and suspension), white, dynamic white or RGB + W version.

An example of this is represented by the fixture ILL_RECTANGLE RGB+W, which has been installed in the central area with custom adjustable supports.

The intensity of the emitted colours is incomparable: for Beblaze the best Nichia LED components is an essential choice. A very important feature of this luminaire is also the possibility to control separately the white light from the colours with a functional purpose, to illuminate the room properly even in everyday situations. The latest version is the one used in the restaurant: ILL_RECTANGLE LARGE double emission with suspended installation. For some luminaires it is possible to choose the voltage (24-48V), the power ranging from 12 to 40W / m and the colour temperature, all with a typical CRI 95.