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Chalet Al Foss

The Hotel Chalet Al Foss is located a few kilometres from the ski area Passo del Tonale, known for its modern ski lifts, beautiful ski slopes, a breathtaking panorama and, not least, the beautiful view from the terraces of Chalet Al Foss. The refined and recent renovation has given even more elegance and prestige to this hotel facility. Beblaze has been selected for the lighting of all bedrooms and passageways; the selected products match the design style and create, through their light, a warm atmosphere in harmony with the context.


Tradition and modernity, both mark the renewed spaces of this hotel facility, where natural materials, such as wood and stone, together with refined finishes were used. ILL_RECTANGLE SMALL has been installed for the general lighting of the passageways. The very thin vertical lines of light embedded between the stone slabs mark the spaces.

The lighting fixtures used inside the bedrooms are hardly visible; the BE_BRIGHT luminaire above the shower is totally white and seems to be a furniture item, when turned on it lights up the underlying light shapes and materials. To highlight some details of the room with the guarantee of a proper general lighting at the same time, the adjustable spotlights PLED 6115 were recessed into the ceiling.


For the passageways, the fixture ILL_RECTANGLE SMALL from the ILLINE linear collection was selected. This lighting fixture is extremely versatile due to its small size (9.6x15mm), despite this it can reach high power (24W / m) by keeping a very high level in terms of light uniformity. It is equipped with a retractable  fixing system. In the developing phase of this specific project, the technicians took extra care while keeping the light lines from the floor to the ceiling continuous, measuring each single cavity and customizing, with tailoring work, each single product.


For the shower, the BE_BRIGHT collection was selected: a range of modular panels with different shapes and sizes. The choice for Nichia LEDs gives these fixtures a very high quality of light, a typical CRI 95 and a perfect light uniformity even when different shapes and thicknesses are combined together.


Thanks to the special electronics with direct lighting, the lamps of the BE_BRIGHT collection can reach a very high power; for this reason in this project it was enough to install some of the smallest luminaires of the RECTANGLE family, the 10X20 H25 and the 10x40 H25 with warm light and matt white finish, in harmony with the colours of the ceiling and the shower. The device is IP54-certified and therefore protects from splashes of water in wet environments.

Recessed ceiling spotlights belong to the Prolux brand: minimal design but very high quality of light and materials. PLED 6115 perfectly encloses all these features.