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Mostra Torre del Vescovo

Torre del Vescovo “Bishop's Tower” in Pisogne is a tower-house built under special circumstances with specific aims: its location in fact was the natural boundary of the lake as it should have been before the expansion works of the square and the port.


In 2017 the lighting system was renewed to create a more emotional environment. On this occasion an exhibition entitled "Art Path in Tower 2017" was organized; tourists had the opportunity to visit three theme exhibitions thanks to an event aimed at promoting the tower through different art forms.

The municipality of Pisogne chose Beblaze to enhance the restoration project of the historic building with the specific request to find out a lighting solution not representing a single detail of the project but the right compromise between scenography and exaltation of the structure. The large arched windows of the tower are lit up by a functional, solid but discreet fixture: ILL_CIRCLE LARGE 02 OUT. The RGB + W coloured light makes this historical and mysterious environment magical and surreal, full of fascinating stories and legends. Inside, in the heart of the exhibition, very thin lighting fixtures are chosen for temporary installations: just 10mm in diameter. ILL_CIRCLE SMALL 01 with its unique circular structure completely in white PMMA is non-invasive design which lights up the works of art of the exhibition.

Both products belong to the ILLINE collection and the ILL_CIRCLE family. The largest product, ILL_CIRCLE LARGE 02 OUT, is made of a transparent external circle profile in PMMA that allows to orient the product in a simple way. Inside there is an aluminium extruded part, on which it is possible to mount different lenses according to the type of installation (from a simple opal cover up to a lenticular with an emission angle of 18 ° for special installations).


In just 30mm diameter it is possible to guarantee IP65 and perfect uniform lighting with monochromatic white, dynamic white or coloured RGB + W. The lighting technology used for the tower offers a high output with a functional purpose on the white colour with incredible vivid and intense RGB colours, thanks to the use of Nichia LEDs. Different types of fixing supports are available to guarantee the right support and the possibility of orienting the device.

ILL_CIRCLE SMALL 01 is the smallest and most discreet of the whole family. Despite its very small size, all the plus of the ILLINE collection are to be found: resistance, IP65 degree (if required), adjustability through special supports available in different sizes and light uniformity.