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Santuario La Madonnina

The Sanctuary of the Madonnina in Dezzo, Municipality of Colere (BG) was erected after the miraculous healing of a shepherd suffering from tuberculosis on July 2nd, 1654. While the sheep were drinking from a small spring, the shepherd stared at the image of the Virgin of a small chapel built in the 15th century, praying and seeking the necessary strength to survive, a Madonna suddenly appeared, she touched the shepherd's forehead and miraculously healed him.

Around 1700 a Sanctuary was erected, from 1910 to 1912 it was decorated, furnished and definitively arranged. On December 1st, 1923 the Sanctuary was completely destroyed by the water wave caused by the sudden collapse of the Gleno dam and then rebuilt in the following years. Beblaze has been involved in the recent restoration and enhancement project of the Sanctuary. Giving colour to the twentieth-century frescoes through light and integrating quality lighting products with minimal design into the church elements were the main objectives of the restoration. The lighting project by Beblaze aimed at enhancing the indoor and outdoor spaces by giving the church new colours. This was in fact the first installation in the world of Nichia's Optisolis full spectrum top LEDs with ultra high CRI . The resulting lighting reproduces the real colours because of the use of the solar chromatic spectrum.

Inside the church, a continuous line of light was created at the base of the span to illuminate the decorations on the ceiling of the central nave. The installation product is ILL_RECTANGLE LARGE 1, a very high-performance product that can reach very high powers for the enhancement of the restored works. For a uniform lighting of the church vault, this product has been equipped with adjustable supports wit light emission angle of 30 degrees. ILL_TRIANGLE LARGE 1 was used inside the lateral transepts to hide the passage of the cables and to make the intervention less invasive as the number of power supply was very low. In addition, ILL_TRIANGLE LARGE 1 was used to illuminate the high relief depicting the moment of the miracle. The angle of light emission and the use of ultra high CRI LEDs have made all the colours bright, even the most difficult ones like gold.

One of the most significant features of Nichia's Optisolis LEDs is related to the illumination of white surfaces. In fact, in addition to enhancing all the colours, it brings out the white without yellowish influences, typical of all the other LEDs, thus managing to use the colour temperature of 3000K. The entire indoor lighting project was then completed by Prolux track projectors model PLED1339 with 40W at 45 ° emission, to guarantee the minimum lighting requirements on the ground and to enhance the wooden ambulatory behind the apse which presented problems of light absorption due to its dark colour.

The external part of the church entrance has been enhanced with the use of the product ILL_TRIANGLE SMALL 1, customized and with a high IP degree as it is placed above the wooden door; the small size allowed the placement above the doorjambs. Functional external lighting and scenic lighting coexist in this application.

The need of having a good light quality during the leisure activities that take place here, is the reason why the product ILL_RECTANGLE LARGE 1 was selected in custom suspension version with resin coating. These features allowed to achieve a high IP degree and excellent lighting performance in terms of quantity of light.

Progetto di illuminazione