Quartiere Maghetti

Quartiere Maghetti “Maghetti Quarter” is a multipurpose area of ​​about 400 m2 surface located in the centre of Lugano.

It is an important meeting point thanks to the several cafes, restaurants, cinemas and shops. After more than thirty years, its layout and stores have been renewed and the new lighting system of the Quarter has been designed by Beblaze making it suitable to every event.


During 2017 Beblaze gives this multipurpose area a new scenography able to create suggestive and engaging atmospheres thanks to the use of RGB + W technology.  This technology makes the gallery light customizable according to the event which is taking place; the new raised showcases, equipped with very small lighting solutions, highlight each space with extraordinary scenography effects. For this type of installation the fixture ILL_SQUARE SMALL 01 OUT in the custom version RGB + W was selected. Thanks to its low thickness, the product could be hidden above the showcases; it was necessary to provide for a high IP degree due to its partial exposure to atmospheric agents.

Its light output is very high for the functional purpose on the white colour but vivid and very intense colours on the RGB technology are guaranteed at the same time. RGB colours can be used single or mixed with DMX controller upsetting the perception of the environment and giving it each time a new look. The very high performance is the result of the use of Nichia LEDs, the world's largest manufacturer, which stands out for the quality of its components and the division of colours.