Nike Store

Nike opens in Milan city centre, street Via Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, the largest store in Italy, a short walk from Duomo. More than 1,300 m2 surface on three levels offering the widest range of innovative products and modern digital services. The architecture and style of the shop, according to Nike philosophy, provides a young and evolving environment, with dynamic walls, interactive videos and scenography lighting. Nike entrusts Beblaze with the lighting project of the main staircase at the entrance which, through two parallel light lines, represents a path for customers to discover the three levels of the store. According to the customer’s request, the light lines must be placed inside the structure of the two parallel steel cavities following the morphology of the staircase both on changes of direction and on flights of steps. The lines under the staircase create a light path guiding customers between the floors. In the design phase the real challenge was represented by the installation of a light source inside the steel structure, following every corner by avoiding any decrease of light.

This was a simple request which became very complex due to lots of construction details and modifications when in progress.

Beblaze carried out two measurements to reconstruct in detail every defect and problem that the cavities presented. The main challenge here was the differences in size, width and depth as well as the fixing to the structure (solved with a magnets-mechanical system).

A special formwork was developed to create a more uniform space inside the cavity to allow the installation of the linear lighting fixture. Finally, a polycarbonate cover was used to perform uniform light and to hide any defect of the plasterboard finishes.

The selected product has been ILL_SQUARE SMALL firstly because its section is the right compromise between power and size and secondly because the installation is made very easy thanks to the retractable fixing system. Beblaze created a lighting system which is completely integrated in the structure, without any light break.