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Il Nido

The project Il nido “The Nest” arises from the need to give new life to a dangerous and fenced-off terrace, on the side of the road that crosses the mountain village of Dossena in the province of Bergamo; an opportunity to turn an abandoned and falling terrace into a relational space, a stopping point and meeting place for the community.

Here a small geometric and measured square becomes one with the open natural landscape, surrounded by ridges and valleys, by blue and green colours, by lights and shadows. The lighting project was developed with focus on its own concept: a safe and embracing shelter people use to calm down and recharge, a living space on a human scale.

After dusk, light helps emphasize this concept. Light divides the Nest from the darkness by turning it into a quiet and welcoming place, a familiar place that we recognize as ours and whose boundaries are well known.


Light changes the context; the night becomes an opportunity to enjoy the Nest in a different way because the light shows images and views, we cannot see during the day. Finally, artificial lighting creates exciting sceneries. To achieve this effect, Beblaze developed a lighting solution with hidden fixtures not affecting the essential design of the installation with circle and embracing shapes, but precise and clear at the same time. To do this, light has been set into existing elements, its special placement allows to get functional and effective lighting at the same time.


The only way to perform this type of lighting was to modify the circle section of the tubes around the area with a cavity (obtained by laser cutting through a special process to avoid the natural twisting of the material) where the fixture ILL_CIRCLE LARGE 2 OUT, from the Illine collection, has been put in. Special accessories made possible to insert the fixture ILL_CIRCLE LARGE 2 OUT leaving only the illuminating surface visible. Despite this, any maintenance operation can be easily done.

As this is an outdoor installation open to the public, the choice was made for a very resistant IP67 certified device. The Nichia LEDs are a guarantee for excellent performances even under very bad weather conditions. Beblaze went into Arch. Oberti’s project with the product customization during the design and then the execution phase in order to achieve the desired lighting effect and to emphasize the concept "Il Nido" represents.

Progetto di illuminazione